Paintings & Drawings


Quarry 2017
Quarry (2018) 6″ x6″ Materials: Acrylic, Collage, Resin on board


Stranger Things (2018)

A series of six abstract mixed media paintings that explore the waltz between process and subconscious imagery.

01 ghosts of hope remembered

Shrouded Paintings

Hauntingly familiar domestic spaces that we can’t quite place, in which fragmented apparitions of aging women are shrouded occur in these paintings and drawings. I choose photos of abandoned domestic spaces, and partially erase one structure by layering another over top to arrive at a composition. These Escher-like architectural spaces function as a metaphor for the mental and physical states of the figures trapped within.



02 trigger for something forgotten











Mylar Drawings

A series of oil and graphite drawings on mylar that explore the sense of physical and emotional imprisonment of aging.